Thank you all who contributed to the success of the 2005 PAA Meetings! Attendance was very high, with 1,760 members registering for the meetings. This website maintains a complete record of the scientific program of the meeting. Use the menubar at the top to access the program by topic, by day/time or by participant.

Picture of Charles Hirschman
Charles Hirschman
PAA President

Eileen Crimmins
Eileen Crimmins
PAA Vice President

Program Committee

The co-chairs of the 2005 Program Organizing Committee were Charles Hirschman, PAA President and Eileen Crimmins, PAA Vice President. They named an organizing committee of PAA members from the Washington and Los Angeles areas.


  • Gunnar Almgren
  • Julie Brines
  • Kyle Crowder
  • Mark Ellis
  • William Grady
  • Avery Guest
  • Lowell Hargens
  • Jerald Herting
  • Daniel Klepinger
  • William Lavely
  • Shelly Lundberg
  • Marcia Meyers
  • Martina Morris
  • Thea Mounts
  • Kathleen O’Connor
  • Becky Pettit
  • Robert Plotnick
  • Adrian Raftery
  • Barbara Reskin
  • Koray Tanfer
  • Jay Teachman
  • Stewart Tolnay
  • Suzanne Davies Withers

Los Angeles

  • Dawn Alley
  • Timothy Biblarz
  • Cameron Campbell
  • William Clark
  • Julie DaVanzo
  • Richard Easterlin
  • Amon Emeka
  • Elizabeth Frankenberg
  • Joseph Hotz
  • Michael Hurd
  • Kathleen McGarry
  • Peter Morrison
  • Kelly Musick
  • Dowell Myers
  • Sandy Reynolds
  • Judy Seltzer
  • Merril Silverstein
  • James Smith
  • Duncan Thomas
  • Dawn Upchurch

Local Arrangements Committee

Gretchen A. Condran, Chair Kimberly Goyette, Co-chair