Session 160:
Demography of Home Ownership Trends

Saturday, April 2
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room 413
Level 4

Chair: Mark Ellis, University of Washington
Discussant: George S. Masnick, Harvard University

  1. Cohort Longitudinal Analysis of the Income Composition of Demand for New Houses, 1960-2000Rachel E. Dwyer, Ohio State University

  2. The Decline of the Immigrant Homeownership Advantage: Life-Cycle, Declining Fortunes and Changing Housing Careers in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, 1981-2001Michael Haan, University of Toronto

  3. “The White Picket Fence Dream”: Effects of Assets on the Choice of Family UnionArif Mamun, University of Washington

  4. How Much Does Declining Household Formation Contribute to Rising Homeownership?Zhou Yu, University of Southern California

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