Session 34:
Slow and Stalled Fertility Transitions

Thursday, March 31
1:30 PM - 3:20 PM
Salon A
Level 5

Chair: Akbar Aghajanian, Fayetteville State University
Discussant: Warren C. Robinson, Pennsylvania State University

  1. Stalling Fertility Transitions in the Developing WorldJohn Bongaarts, Population Council

  2. Fertility Decline in Egypt: Current Status, Future ProspectsLaila El-Zeini, American University in Cairo

  3. Measurement Issues and Proximate Determinants of Slow and Stagnating Fertility Decline: Case Studies of Kenya and the PhilippinesThomas M. McDevitt, U.S. Census Bureau; Peter Johnson, U.S. Census Bureau

  4. The Kenya StallCharles Westoff, Princeton University; Anne R. Cross, ORC Macro

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