Digging Deeper: Uses of Administrative Records at the U.S. Census Bureau

Lisa M. Blumerman, U.S. Census Bureau
Carrie R. Simon, U.S. Census Bureau

Within the last decade, the Census Bureau’s administrative record activities have increased with advancements in linkage methodologies and computer technology, and the greater availability of administrative data. In order to better understand the role of administrative records at the Census Bureau, this paper provides an in-depth discussion of administrative record data, sources, and activities that are currently being undertaken. We identify what types of administrative record data are used at the Census Bureau, which program areas are using the data, and for what purposes the data are being used. Furthermore, we identify direct benefits the program areas gain by employing administrative records in existing research projects. As we bring together these various details of administrative records use, we are able to construct an accurate representation of the far reaching nature of administrative record use and the vital role they play helping the Census Bureau fulfill its mission.

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Presented in Poster Session 6: Applied Demography, Methods, Health and Mortality