Measurement of Race and Ethnic Origin: Results from the Census Quality Survey

Amy S. Smith, U.S. Census Bureau

The transition from a “mark one race” question to a “mark one or more” race question introduces challenges for data users making comparisons between Census 2000 data and previous censuses, current surveys and administrative records data. NCHS used NHIS data to estimate bridging factors for individuals who indicated a multiple race response and then were asked for their preferred single race. The Census Bureau is currently using its Census Quality Survey (CQS) data to estimates similar factors. The CQS offers several advantages including a larger sample size and variables to study timing and collection mode. An additional advantage of the CQS is the option to study respondents who refused to bridge, a group that has largely been ignored. A probe question was used when all other attempts failed to attain a single race response. The focus of this research is to compare those who refused to bridge to their counterparts.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Education, Gender, Religion, Language and Culture