The Family Lifestyle in Nigeria

Morire O. Labeodan, University of the Witwatersrand

Nigeria families are patriarchal with extended family members having more say. And emphasis has always been placed on male members of the family because of their rights to family inheritance and extension of lineage and family name. Embedded in the family system are social norms passed down from one generation to another and they mostly cut across the nation. This study is mainly a qualitative research that examines the Nigeria family lifestyle with emphasis on the South West population of the country referred to as ‘Yorubas’. Case studies of people interviewed are examined based on the author’s opinion. Findings are consistent with those in existing literatures viz that while some Nigeria family lifestyle norms are good, many have to be revised. Also that despite a gradual affinity to western lifestyle, the male counterparts still show some male egoistic traits common to Nigerian men.

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Fertility, Family Planning, Unions, and Sexual Behavior