Low Fertility and Population Aging: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Options

William Butz, Population Reference Bureau
Jonathan Grant, RAND
Stijn Hoorens, RAND
Suja Sivadasan
Mirjam van het Loo, RAND
Julie DaVanzo, RAND
Lauren Hale, RAND
Shawna Gibson, RAND

The study assesses which policies can prevent or mitigate the adverse consequences of current low fertility and population ageing in Europe. A framework highlights the interrelationships among government policies, macro-level conditions and household-level demographic behavior. Guided by this framework, the research literature is reviewed; European demographic data are examined; and case studies of five countries are conducted. Policy packages most likely to slow or reverse fertility declines in the European contexts are identified and discussed.

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Presented in Session 98: Low Fertility in Europe and Its Consequences