Like Mother, Like Daughter? The Intergenerational Consequences of Teen Childbearing

Susan Jekielek, Child Trends

This paper uses NLSY79-Young Adult data to examine the intergenerational implications of teen childbearing. Specifically, we examine the factors that are associated with the likelihood that the child of a teen mother will bear a child before age 20, and the likelihood of having a child out of wedlock. In addition, among those having a first birth, we will examine the probability of a subsequent birth. Reflecting an interest in the resiliency of children and families, we also examine factors that may be related to the children of teen mothers delaying childbearing past age 20 and having children within wedlock. We expect that disadvantages while growing up and the mother’s own marital and fertility behavior will influence the likelihood that the child of a teen mother will herself/himself delay childbearing and avoid out-of-wedlock births.

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Presented in Session 71: Adolescent Fertility